Getting Through Quarantine Season

by JustThembi
Quarantine life

Whew! Quarantine life is definitely something we all didn’t expect for 2020. When the year started, everyone just KNEW this was going to be their best year–but 2020 said ‘Best year where?!’

That being said, adjusting to the new normal has been interesting to say the least. For me, not much has changed work wise. I’m still working full time, and if anything, there’s even a little bit more of a demand in my field being that everyone is on their phones and bored in the house bored.

I’m naturally a home body so I don’t mind being at home, however, I prefer to be at home when it’s by my own choice, not by force 😩.

Other than work, I’ve been keeping myself busy by doing things I usually enjoy doing such as cooking, chatting with my family and friends, and creating content. I also tried to learn TikTok before I eventually gave up–not before learning the Savage Challenge though!!

I often think back to my first shot at this whole TikTok thing–mainly because it was one of my last outings before we were on lockdown…

Anyway…one of my 2020 goals was to start creating YouTube videos again, and quarantine season kind of pushed me to put my videos out a little earlier than I’d planned. I’ll admit I was a little hesitant to do so being that I didn’t want people to not take me seriously by thinking I was just another ‘bored’ person who decided to make YouTube videos just because.

I talked myself out of waiting until quarantine life was over to post videos, and that’s been the main passion project I’ve been working on ever since.

I’m definitely looking forward to finally being able to go to the beach, see my family without second guessing if I should leave the house or not, and I really just want to go to Ross and HomeGoods to be honest… I’ll keep y’all posted on that!

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