About Me

by JustThembi
Just Thembi about me

Heyyy!!! I’m Thembi–but you can call me Beyonce 👀! Welcome to my blog!!! A quick PSA before we get started–I use a lot of exclamation marks (!!!) but I promise I’m not yelling–I just get really excited!!

I’m all about living my best life, and doing so on a budget! You don’t have to spend all your coinssss being ‘Bad and Bougie’ when you can achieve the same and more by being ‘Fine and Frugal’ like me! I’ll be sharing a whole bunch of Thembi Tips on how to do this from fashion, lifestyle, to everything in-between including making dranksss!

I hope you enjoy my tips, videos, and everything ‘Thembi’! If you have any questions, post suggestions/requests, or just wanna say hey, just click right HERE and let your girl know!!