Cancun Girls Trip Excursions

by JustThembi
Cancun girl's tip

My girls and I went to Cancun and had the best time ever!  Considering we stayed at an all-inclusive resort, we decided to plan excursions outside of and in addition to anything the hotel offered, so we could experience more of Cancun to the fullest.


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Cancun Excursions Day 1: ATVs, Zip-Lining & Cenote Swim

Our first excursion included an ATV tour,  zip-lines, and a cenote swim–with lunch and transportation included.  The works!

The full experience is about 5 hours, and we chose an 8 am start time so we could still have the rest of the day after the excursions.  Smart idea if you don’t go clubbing the night before like we did–but we were somehow up and ready to go that morning like champs!

Here’s a breakdown of our day one excursion:


Travel pick-up is included in the excursion, and their “tour bus” as I like to call it, will do pick ups from any hotel that’s listed in their package.  Luckily, our hotel was listed, so that was something less to think about.  They picked up multiple people from different hotels, and ours was the last pick up stop, so we went straight to the fun from there.

Don’t worry if your hotel isn’t included in the pick-ups however, as they will provide you with a specific meeting point and pick-up time.

It was about a 30 minute ride to and from the excursion location, and when it’s all said and done, they drop you off right at your initial pick-up spot.


Once we arrived at our destination, they broke down all the activities to us, and how it would work.

We started off by signing waivers, and listening to a mini informational speech.  They also offered us some water, and lockers to put our stuff in for $5 per locker.  My girls and I fit our stuff in one locker, so it worked out for us.  They also don’t allow you to bring your phones  on certain excursions such as the zip-lining and ATVs.  Granted, there were some people who took their phones anyway.  I personally knew I’d be heartbroken if my phone dropped and got lost in the middle of zip-lining above ground, so I didn’t chance it ha ha!

I know you’re probably thinking, “what about all the cute pictures I wanna take for the ‘gram and my memories?!”  They offer a photo package and have a photographer capturing it all.  My girls and I also made friends with one of the people who took their phones and just had them airdrop us some photos once we were done ha ha!

There were multiple people there including the people we rode the tour bus with, and others who were already there.  They split us into smaller groups that we stuck with for each activity.  We also chose the “private cenote swim”  option, which resulted in our group being much smaller and feeling more exclusive.

We started off with zip-lining, then ATVs, and ended it with the cenote swim which was my favorite part.


Zip-lining can be intimidating sometimes depending on how high or complicated the circuit is, but all of the ones we did were more on the fun side.

They have a specific circuit that they flip you upside down for–if you’re up for it.  It sounds and looks terrifying when you see the people ahead of you do it, but it was so liberating–still a little nerve-wracking, but definitely liberating.

I don’t remember the number of zip-line circuits we did, but enough to keep you satisfied, yet also wanting more, but ready for the rest of the excursions.

All necessary equipment is provided.


So this was my first time riding an ATV and I literally crashed into a bush the minute they said ‘Go!’ Literally.  Their rules are if you crash, you have to get off and ride with a tour guide, and if you crash and wreck their ATV, you’re responsible for damages.  I got lucky because I drove into a bush so it was a “soft landing”, and I somehow convinced the tour guide that “I got it”.  When I tell you I drove so slow and carefully the rest of the time LOL!

ATV ride cancun

I’m not sure ATVs are for me, but it was definitely so much fun and I may or may not do it again.  Jury’s still out on that one, but my friends were living their best lives, going as fast as lightning.  I learned something new about them that day ha ha!

All necessary equipment is provided for this too.

Cenote Swim:

ATVs weren’t really my thing, but this is where I shined. I love water and I love swimming, so this part was heaven to me.  We were greeted with margaritas, and went right into a tequila tasting.  My kinda activities in one?  Say less!

cancun excursion cenote swim

I made the mistake of not wearing my bathing suit because I was wearing a one piece suit perfect for ATVs, zip-lining, and the swim portion, but I definitely regret not having my cute bathing suit for such a picture perfect experience.

Life jackets are provided if you need the additional support.


Not only did they start us off with a tequila tasting, but they served us some bomb tacos for lunch.  The excursion description says “2 tacos” but the private option we chose gave us UNLIMITED tacos.  They’re still some of the best tacos I’ve ever had.

cancun tequila tasting


This excursion cost us a total of $300 between the four of us, so about $75 per person, which isn’t too shabby considering everything that’s included from 3 different activities, food, a mini tequila tasting, and transportation.  The photo package is sold separately.

All in all, this was a great experience, and I 10/10 recommend.

You can get more details and purchase this excursion here.

Cancun Excursions Day 2: Hip Hop Boat Party

Okay, the marketing on this was definitely top-tier, because that’s what sold us!  Overall, it was a good time, but more ratchet than we anticipated–which isn’t a bad thing, we just weren’t prepared, LOL!

We were on a two-level catamaran, and each level definitely had a different vibe.  The bottom level was more “turnt” as that’s where the bar was, and they had a hot tub in the middle of the dance floor.

The top level was more mellowed out, but we could hear the music just as loudly, and it’s the perfect place to hang out if you’re more interested in jumping into the ocean and having some fun in the sun.  They even offered some free jetski rides with a tour guide.

The DJs and the music were great, and played all the jams!

They offer different times from early afternoon, to late afternoon.  We chose a 12-noon departure, with check-in starting at 11:15 am. The entire excursion lasted about 4 hours.


This excursion does not include transportation, so we took a taxi from our hotel to the dock with the aid of our resort.


A full lunch wasn’t included, but they gave out some snacks and sandwiches.  They had an “all you can drink” situation, but if you’re familiar with these types of excursions, the alcohol is typically watered down.  They did have unopened premium liquor bottles for sale, however.


The total cost of this excursion was $380 between the four of us, so about $95 per person.

I’d give this a 7/10 recommendation, but you could definitely have a 10/10 experience, all things considered.

You can get more details and purchase this excursion here.

All in all, we had a blast, and we’d do these Cancun excursions all over again!!


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