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  • #ThembiTip

    Thembiso X Mimosa’s

    S’Cute     I was taking quick flick outside (as usual) while having brunch and mimosa’s with my friends the other day.  This outfit barely required any effort what so ever…

  • #ThembiTip

    Rih Rih Taught Me!

    So don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t explain it – but this look had me feeling like Rihanna in her ‘rockstar’ days LOL !  The key to this look is…

  • #ThembiTip

    #ThembiTip: Shop The Look 4 Less

    Ironically, when I put this look together, I hadn’t seen Kylie Jenner’s look at all.  I was searching high and low for an olive green dress that I actually liked, because…

  • #ThembiTip

    #ThembiTip: Skin Care Routine

    I’m fortunate enough to have clear and smooth skin, and people always ask me what I use for my face for that very reason.  To be completely honest, a lot of…

  • #ThembiTip

    #ThembiTip: From Kimono To Dress

    I’m going to show you two looks that I created with a regular American kimono jacket/cardigan.  The reason I say American is because a regular kimono is a traditional Japanese garment…

  • #ThembiTip Thembi Talk

    What’s In My Bag? 

    Okay, so you can literally find almost everything and anything in a females bag! I have a ‘bag’ for every occasion. A school bag, a weekend bag, a beach bag, a…