Hi there!  I’m Thembi and I’m a self proclaimed trendsetter!   

My name is pronounced “Tem-Bee” and I am African –  Zimbabwean to be exact.  I am based in sunny California!  Besides my dreams of being a host on ENews one day, I started this blog to share my ideas and tips on everything I love from fashion to celebrities.  I would love to inspire you with my style which is very versatile!  It can go from urban to chic, and elegant to fierce depending on my destination!  I’m Southern African so I definitely believe in prints and bold colors and incorporate them into my outfit any chance I can; whether it’s print bottoms, print top, a colorful ensemble, or neutral colors and a simple bold lip!  I love shoes and I am not ashamed to admit that I am a shoe addict . . .& since we’re being honest, lets just say I swear and live by these four words:

Better Late Than Ugly!