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Should We Really Be Mad At Peter Gunz?

Okay, so I personally don’t watch any of the Love & Hip Hop franchises, but I am well aware of who is who, and what is what in some story lines.  That being said, I don’t have to be an avid watcher of the show to come to the conclusion that Peter Gunz is not solely to blame.  In my opinion, people should’ve stopped putting the blame on him once both women were well aware of each other, and their situations.  Reading an article on xoNecole about their love triangle gave me some insight and background on their relationship, and I couldn’t agree more with what the article, written by Erica Nichole states.  The article includes reference to a tweet by former Love & Hip Hop cast mate Joe Budden that reads as follows:

Yes! Yes! Yes! He hit this spot on! Did I say Yes!?  The two should definitely not share in empathy, and if it isn’t already self explanatory as to why that is, let me  talk that talk to you and explain why real quick!

I do think that Peter Gunz is wrong in a lot of ways such as being a terrible example to his children,  and basically making it okay for them to believe that him disrespecting their mothers in the ways that he has is normal in relationships.

Tara and Amina are grown women.  Let’s start there.  They are consciously and willingly making the decisions to stay with Peter, fight for Peter, try to one up the other every chance they get for Peter, and last but not least continue to bring life into this world and unhealthy relationship for Peter.  That being said, why do we blame Peter and point fingers at him all the time, all while being sucked in by the ladies crocodile tears?  Maybe if we were to stop blaming Peter and believing he has a problem and saying he needs help, Tara and Amina could be able to see that they just might be the ones with the problem and they need help.

In my opinion, Peter is wrong for taking advantage of weak women for a paycheck and a story line, however, they’re the ones who keep going back to him, willingly.  That’s not a victim and I don’t feel sorry for them.  At this point Peter knows that when they say they’re “done” they’re not really done.  He knows exactly what to say, and what to do to get back in their ‘good graces.’  It’s a cycle.  He doesn’t even have to try because he knows they will go back to him, and he is not going to stop or learn any lessons because at this point the women are in competition with each other and are therefore enabling his actions.

Check out what Erica Nichole has to say about their love triangle on right here.

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