Rih Rih Taught Me!

So don’t ask me why, because I couldn’t explain it – but this look had me feeling like Rihanna in her ‘rockstar’ days LOL !  The key to this look is accessorizing! Accessories, accessories, accessories!  I can’t stress that point enough.  The crazy thing is, I’m barely wearing any accessories, but it’s how I accessorized the outfit that made it pop!  As you can see, all I’m really wearing is a white-tee and black pants.  Basic right?  But this is a no basic zone so I Thembi-fied it.

  • I cuffed the bottom of my pants because what is life with un-cuffed pants?

  • The basic-ness of the pre-Thembi-fied look screamed for a pop of color and what better pop of color to add than RED!? – which I did with both my heels and my purse.

  • The style and shape of my purse added some dimension to the entire look as well.

  • My ‘rocker’ sunglasses added some edge to the outfit and I honestly feel like that little addition is what brought the entire look together!

  • I used minimal jewelry (gold of course) because my heels and my purse have some touches of gold on them as well.

I love you for reading, and remember…

Keep it Cute, Keep it Classy


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