#ThembiTip: Shop The Look 4 Less

imageimageIronically, when I put this look together, I hadn’t seen Kylie Jenner’s look at all.  I was searching high and low for an olive green dress that I actually liked, because I love the color, and it’s so in for the Fall.  I stumbled upon this pic of Kylie while reading an article that was comparing her and Kim’s styles.  I literally had an OMG moment, and had to write a post on how to get this look for less!

If you want Kylie’s exact look, she is wearing a $50 dress from Sorella Boutique.  If you are anything like me and are frugal friendly, you can find a similar style dress at… wait for it.. none other than Forever 21 for $13.99 ! Ummm, can you say steal!? In addition, Kylie is wearing a nude pair of Tom Ford heels, that cost anywhere between $1200 – $1400.  I on the other hand, am wearing a  $20 pair of heels from Reflection, a store you can find at your local mall. Happy spending !!

I love you for reading. and remember…

Keep it Cute, Keep it Classy


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