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These Used To Be Boyfriend Jeans . . .

imageimageYou know you’ve gained a few pounds when the fit of your boyfriend jeans are a little too snug.  For those who are unfamiliar with the term, boyfriend jeans don’t necessarily mean your boyfriend’s jeans.  While you could go that route and literally borrow a pair of your boyfriends jeans, ‘boyfriend jeans’ are actually women’s jeans that are supposed to give off a loose and relaxed fit.  The idea is that the jeans are supposed to look big but fitted..this is not a pass for some of ya’ll to go buy over sized jeans that literally don’t fit.  Now that you have an understanding of how boyfriend jeans are supposed to fit, you can imagine the horror I felt when I put these babies on.  The worst part is I have three pairs of boyfriend jeans, and these have the loosest fit of the three.  I had two reactions.  The first one was “omg.. I just struggled to pull my loosest pair of jeans over my hips.. this isn’t happening..”.  The second one was “Ouuuu !!! I’m getting thick!!! Yaaasssssss (*starts twerking)”.  So I’m sure you can see my dilema here.  I have a constant struggle of not wanting to gain weight but wanting to be thick at the same time.  So this is what I did..I took the jeans off, went to the gym, got home, showered and had pizza for breakfast.  Voila !! Problem solved..I proceeded to get cute, started my day and satisfyingly went about my life!  That’s what I call having balance.

I love you for reading, and remember…

Keep it cute, Keep it classy..xx


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