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Work Is My Runway

imageimageimageI’m not your typical sit behind a desk, wear business professional to work everyday kind of gal and I’ve always known this.  I love fashion and I love looking good, and I take it upon myself to make sure I do everyday.  An assignment I had to complete in one of my college courses made me think about this on a different level.  The assignment was about figuring out where you want to work, the type of people you want to work with, where you want to live etc.  It had different aspects to it but what stood out to me the most was having to figure out what working conditions I would prefer to work in upon graduation.  Ideally my favorite working conditions among other things would be a clean and welcoming environment with amazing interior, fancy decor and a diverse pool of colleagues.  My top working condition however, would be working somewhere with a flexible dress-code.  Now I’m not saying I want to work somewhere where ‘clubbing’ attire would be appropriate, but somewhere where I could have fun with my outfits and look like I’m fresh off a runway.  Remember Elle Woods from Legally Blonde?  She was always so fashionable and stylish as a law student and that’s the point I’m trying to make.  As you all know by now, I’m planning to work in broadcasting as an entertainment news host/reporter, and in that industry, every day is a fashion show; and that is one of the many reasons that career path is a perfect match for me.  So what I want you to take from this is know yourself and know your plan; write it out if you have to.  Choosing a career path or a company you’d like to work for doesn’t always come easy to most, however, knowing things like the types of working conditions you’d like to work in, your values and skills sets, your interests, knowing if you want the full responsibility of being the boss or just a team player, and even the type of location you’d want to live in and why will help you narrow down your options and figure out things about yourself you never even knew!

In the meantime, I’m going to continue feeling blessed that I chose a job and career path that allow me to experiment with my style, and dress fashionably yet appropriately – because that is something that may not mean anything to others, but will definitely seal the deal for me!

I love you for reading, and remember..

Keep it cute, Keep it classy..xx


Pants + Scarf: forever 21

Shoes: Lulus

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