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#ThembiTip: Fall Accesories

If you’re anything like me, you wish for winter during the summer, and summer during the winter because the  annoying but sometimes amazing temperatures just play with your emotions and raise your blood pressure.. I’m dramatic, I know.  As the cold weather approaches, all I can think about is the fashion it comes with.  I live for Fall fashion! – Side note! Being African, I grew up saying ‘Autumn’ but ‘Fall Fashion’ sounds so much better than ‘Autumn Fashion’.  –  The scarves, the boots, and over sized everything literally give me life!  Now, the key with Fall fashion is knowing how to put it together, and not wearing all the trends at once; it can be done, however, you really have to know what you’re doing so that you don’t end up looking like a scarecrow.  I’m going to break down some of the pieces from the picture above.  They’re all some of my current favorite picks from my closet.

Firstly, I’m extremely obsessed with burgundy.  It’s always been a must have fall colour for me especially for my nails and even my lips!  Burgundy along with olive green are definitely must haves for this fall! – Side bar.. when did burgundy stop being ‘maroon’ !? .. –

  1. Hats: The good thing about hats is that they are fashionable in any season, it’s all about the style of hat you choose to wear.  I personally wouldn’t wear a beach hat or a straw hat in the winter…
  2. Scarves: The ultimate fall accessory!  Whether it’s an infinity scarf, a skinny scarf or a wool scarf, they just work!
  3. Sunglasses: This is a personal fav of mine especially because most people look at me like I’m crazy when I’m wearing sunglasses when there’s ‘no sun’ as they would say.  My response to that?  Sunglasses are an accessory honey and my accessory game takes no days off! *snaps fingers..
  4. Flats: I love boots for winter but I love flats more!  Only because boots/booties, sneakers and tennis shoes can be basic; they’re definitely cute, but they’re also very predictable; we all bring them out in the winter.  I like flats because there’s more variety in styles and colors, and I’m a color kinda gal!  I can get away with this because I live in California..everywhere else, stick to rain boots!

Overall, fall/winter fashion is all about accessorizing, having fun, and taking risks with your outfits!  However you work it, just make sure to

Keep it cute, Keep it classy..xx

– T💋

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