#ThembiTip: From Kimono To Dress

I’m going to show you two looks that I created with a regular American kimono jacket/cardigan.  The reason I say American is because a regular kimono is a traditional Japanese garment and it looks nothing like this.  I was getting ready to go out one night and I wanted to wear my kimono because of the floral pattern, but I didn’t want to wear it as a cardigan.  I actually created this look with nothing but a skinny belt, and a hair pin, yes.. a hair pin.

  • Put the kimono on and measure what part of your waist you want to wrap your belt around, and secure it with  a hair pin.  – I didn’t have any safety pins so I had to make do.  Hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!  If it’s too short, make sure to wear an under garment so you don’t show your hoo-hah!

Look 2:image

With this look I figured the wrapped waist wouldn’t look as cute with the lace material of the kimono, and I also wanted something more casual for the night.  I actually had a safety pin this time, so I pinned it exactly where I wanted it to close and voila!  I paired it with some nude heels, and sexy lace undergarments!

Keep it cute, Keep it classy..xx


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