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What’s In My Bag? 

Okay, so you can literally find almost everything and anything in a females bag! I have a ‘bag’ for every occasion. A school bag, a weekend bag, a beach bag, a gym bag, a GNO (girls night out) bag, etc. you get the point – each bag carries different contents and is specific to its purpose.  I switch out my bags a lot to match my outfit, but what’s inside remains the same depending on my destination.  This is a grab and go bag with everything that’s essential to me!  Lipgloss lipgloss lipgloss! I can’t leave the house without it! – I keep a nude lipgloss, colour tint lipgloss, nude lipstick, Vaseline, AND an eos balm in my bag! What can I say, I love moisturised lips & I like to have options!

My other essentials include the following: my daily planner/schedule; pens to sign checks LOL; my water bottle to keep me away from thirst traps; sunglasses – something else I can’t leave the house without regardless of the weather; hand sanitizer; hand lotion – dry hands are so uncomfortable; tampons – someone always needs one; headphones; mini body spray; hair pins & a scrunchie – even though I just cut all my hair off; my wallet; my keys; chewing gum; my selfie stick, duh; and the novel I’m currently reading.

What’s in your bag!?

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