#ThembiTip: Summer Essentials – Sandals Edition

Its no secret that I am addicted to shoes and they just might be the death of me!  I’ve always been into colour and prints/patterns – especially the tribal prints/patterns. These are a few of my summer picks straight from my closet that I’m totally loving right now!

I love how the designers of these sandals incorporated beads into their styles respectively,  and that’s definitely what drew me to all of them!  Those leopard prints aren’t real Birkenstock’s – I’m way too frugal to spend over $100 on a pair of sandals; but let’s face it, they’re much cuter than the rather plain Birkenstock’s. The best thing about all of these sandals is that they’re simple, but vibrant!  That’s definitely something you want in a summer shoe because you can literally wear them with anything, and they are sure to add some life to an otherwise dull outfit.

Keep it cute, Keep it classy! 💋

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